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AMRAVATI LOCAL CENTER, (MS) INDIA Amravati city is situated 340 m above from the sea   level. Pohara & Chirodi hills are in the east of the   city. Maltekdi is one of the hills which is inside the city. The hight of Maltekdi is around 60 m & the statue of great maratha kind, Shri Shivaji Maharaj   is placed on the top of the hill. There are two lakes   in the eastern  part of the city, namely, Chhatri Talao & Wadali Talao. The city is located in the East   Maharashtra on the altitude of 20o 56' north &   77o 47' east. It is the main centre of west Vidarbha.   It is on the Mumbai-Calcutta high way. Udumbaravati was the encient name of today's A mravati. It was due to the presence of ample number   of Audumber trees in the region. The name was further abbrevated as Umbravati, Umravati &   Amravati. The city grown up rapidly at the end of   18 th century due to the growth in businesses. It was one of the richest town of the area. Shri Janardan Swami lived in Amravati nearly 375 years ago. He came   from a nearby place Nandgaon Peth. Today the famous   Shri Ambadevi Temple complex is situated at the heart of Amravati city. But during his days it was thick forest around this place. He was devotee of Goddess Ekvira. He instituted Shri Ekvira devi temple near Shri Amba devi   temple. He served whole his life for goddess Shri Ekvira devi.